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The KEVIN MURPHY SCALP SPA TREATMENT is a concentrated, foaming mask that soothes a sensitive scalp and restores its health. It removes excess sebum, moisturizes and has a refreshing effect. Top: The progressive one
Propellant gas is a VOC-free formulation that enables a particularly rich and silky foam. It is non-flammable, protects the ozone layer and helps to reduce the impact on the climate.
Shake the product very well. Divide the clean, dry or damp hair into sections and apply SCALP.SPA TREATMENT radiantly directly to the scalp
so that the rich, silky foam expands. Spread the product evenly with your fingertips or the SCALP.SPA BRUSH in circular movements. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and rinse well.
Can be used alone for a weekly scalp health ritual or, if desired, in conjunction with the complete SCALP.SPA regimen.
Features and benefits
• Cleans, clarifies and tones
• Regulates sebum production
• Soothes the irritated scalp and counteracts dehydration
• Provides a refreshing experience with a wellness character
• For all hair types, including colored hair
• Free of sulfates and parabens and not tested on animals
Hyaluronic acid is a main care ingredient that acts like a magnet for moisture, smoothing and sealing the moisture in the hair.
Carrot root extract deeply nourishes, hydrates and clarifies a dry, layered scalp.
Celery seed extract cleanses, calms and has a regenerating effect.
Pro-Viron Nebel, a VOC-free, non-ozone-depleting propellant that helps reduce the impact on the climate. A breakthrough ingredient, the first of its kind.
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