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Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

These Terms and Conditions apply to the products sold by the company with the name “PIMP CY LTD” based in Nicosia Cyprus, 18 MYKONOU Nicosia, with VAT number 10419042Q and registration number HE419042, from its online store

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using this website. This website is provided for all our guests. By using our website, you, the end user (customer), agree to obey and comply with the following rules. After careful evaluation of the following terms and conditions, if you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

Rates and Deals

All prices on the website are final. The delivery of all our products is done by a third party courier. Product prices are subject to change without notice. Buyers will pay the price of the product in force at the time of purchase.

All prices include VAT


For online orders, please write down your details, the product details that you are interested and we will contact you as soon as possible, in case you request any details on a specific product. III. Method of payment: online through Vpayments Gateway. This amount represents only the order that is placed via the payment system Vpayments Gateway. When the online payment method is used, a market note under the name  will appear in your bank account.


Orders will be delivered within 1-3 days from the date of purchase. If the goods ordered are not available, we will notify the customer. We ( are not responsible of any delays or obligations that might occur during the delivery, or failure of delivery of your order, as the shipping is been handled by a third-party courier and it is out of our control. 

Cancellation / Return Policy

Our clients have all the rights stated in the Act Consumer Rights. Requests for refunds or cancellations sent via E-Mail. At the customer’s request it should be stated the reason for the claim. We reserve the right not to accept the client’s request, if the reason for the complaint is deemed unreasonable.

Replacement of purchased goods and cancellation

The customer has the right to replace the goods purchased by him/ herself. In this case all the shipping cost and any difference between the old and new products paid by the customer.

Rights and obligations of the seller


We strictly obey the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. We protect our customers’ information. We deliver the ordered goods within the agreed time at the address indicated by the customer.


We reserve the right not to deliver the goods the customer has ordered, if the address given is invalid or non-existent. We are not responsible for the information set by the product manufacturer.

Rights and Obligations of the buyer


The customer must submit a valid phone number, a valid email address and a valid shipping address for the delivery. Also, the customer must Pay the price of the products ordered , be available, or have a representative available at the time of delivery, do not modify any order nor alter any criticism of the product or offer any other incorrect information.

For Cyprus

If the products that the customer has ordered are not available, we will notify the customer. We are not responsible for any delay or any of our commitments if the delay or the failure of delivery is a result of situations out of our plausible control.

In case that the total order value (excluding shipping) is more than €30.00 (thirty euros) then the shipment fee is free. If the total order value is less than €30.00 (thirty euros) then the following prices are been charged to the total price that the customer has to pay in order for the transaction to be completed.

You have to choose:

  • Pick up your order from ACS COURIER near you – Free
  • Home delivery €4.00 (four euros) VAT included.

The Home delivery shipping fee mentioned above has been applied for shipping addresses that are within the main city limits.

Addresses that are placed outside of the city limits will be able to receive their orders only at the ACS Pick-up points. The shipping fees for orders below €30.00 (thirty euros) will be  €2.00 (two euros) VAT included.

Coupons/ Vouchers

Coupon offers and Vouchers are applied manually by the website user (customer) during the check-out proceedure in the relevant input field. Coupons codes that are not applied during the check-out proceedure will not apply the offer promoted at the time automatically.  In case that the order was completed without applying the coupon code, the user (customer) can contact the website administrator in order to redeem its offer if the offer is still valid and applicable. 

Only one (1) coupon or voucher can be applied on each individual order per time. 

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