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A stylish woman showcasing a trendy blonde bob haircut, embodying the season's fresh hairstyling trends.

A haircut is about individuality, about finding yourself, and about making a statement. It’s about falling in love with your style all over again and feeling 100% yourself every time you look in the mirror or walk out the door. The shape, length and finish will change based on your hair type, texture and vibe, but if short hair is your thing — or even on your radar — these are the bob haircut trends standing out this season that you should know about.
Too often, when looking for a big change, we want to take off a great deal of length only to find out the hard way that it can be really hard to style. With endless amounts of inspiration, deciding on a final bob shape should come down to your hair type, the length you feel comfortable with, and choosing a shape that you’ll be able to keep up with when styling.


If you want to improve your hairstyle, you simply need to focus on the health of your hair. Whether you’ve got curls or fine hair, by improving the health of your strands you’ll notice more definition, shine and volume when you need it most. To get maximum effect with little to no effort, adding a hair masque to your routine can be life changing. 

With concentrated ingredients chosen to add condition, hydrate, and improve finish — it’s like a spa day built into a single treatment. If you’re not quite sure where to start, you can choose from ANGEL.MASQUEHYDRATE-ME.MASQUE or YOUNG.AGAIN MASQUE

  • ANGEL.MASQUE is ideal for colour-treated hair or fine hair types in need of a boost of strength. Amino Acids repair and protect while Bamboo and Lotus Flower Extract enhance volume, thickness and shine in a weightless formula that can be used on all hair types. 
  • HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE is essential for anyone with dry hair, especially if you’ve been plagued by frizz lately. This masque will lend a helping hand to cut down on frizz and restore damaged hair.
  • If your style is feeling deflated or dull, YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE is your perfect match. This formula lovingly rejuvenates dry, brittle or ageing hair to make it feel, well, young again. From protection against heat damage and styling to restoring shine and lustre, this masque will leave hair soft and silky while also future-proofing your hair health.



The internet can’t seem to get enough of the box bob at the moment. With impeccably clean lines and little to no layers – this look is all about capitalising on a super sleek, straight finish. This is an ideal cut to add volume to fine hair and upkeep will be easier for straight hair types, but the look can be recreated on nearly any texture and type with a few great stylers.

If you need a helping hand to get a smooth finish, we suggest SMOOTH.AGAIN leave-in treatment for thick or coarse hair to nix frizz with a smooth, silky touch or EVER.SMOOTH for a heat-activated style extender that will create a smooth finish with a weightless feel.


The micro bob also known in some circles as “le petit bob” has made its way onto the scene as an edgy take on the traditional cut. Slightly shorter than an iconic bob but a little longer than the past-favourite Bixie — this look sits just along the jawline and can include texture to give it flair. Due to its length, regular styling with the help of a few essential products will help keep this shape in check. 

We recommend always keeping HEATED.DEFENSE leave-in heat protection on hand, as you’ll be styling your micro bob regularly. In addition to this, a great hairspray like SESSION.SPRAY FLEX to keep wisps at bay and a shine spray like SHIMMER.SHINE to improve condition and add a touch of shine without the weight.


It’s voluminous and has curves in all the right spots, the 90s bob takes on the feeling of supermodel hair in a cut. This look can be worn with or without fringe and includes a slight amount of layers to create the infamous lift. For added protection and a flawless finish, prep your hair with BLOW.DRY WASH + RINSE. Then, to get the style, a round brush blowout is essential with the help of HEATED.DEFENSE + EVER.LIFT.


Created by Design Director for KEVIN.MURPHY, Pascal van Loenhout, the broken bob is the epitome of modern meets edgy. As a new take on the shattered bob, this look features plenty of texture, helps enhance natural texture and looks great with a bit of curl. Point cutting and texturisation are built into this look from the beginning and further accentuated with styling. Pair this look with DOO.OVER or with a pinch of EASY.RIDER for a defining moment.

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